The Right Way To Find
The Right Dog

So you've made up your mind and want to adopt a dog, right? You're also probably very excited, huh? Do you know what you're getting into? Are you ready to accept the fact that you're going to spend the next ten to fifteen years looking after a living animal, your dog! It is a life long commitment! After all, this dog will be part of your family and as a family member you may not get rid of it when you've had enough or you've just got tired of dealing with it, due to the hard work that it is taking care of a dog, like having to feed it, going for a walk with it, going on holidays and not having anyone to stay with or to leave it with, not being able to afford the added expense of it, you have to remember that a dog is for life and you need to choose the right dog.

So to help insure a long and lasting relationship you'll need to choose the right dog for you and your family.

After all, this will be a new member of the family. But, how do you decide where to purchase the right dog? It’s very important to find a good breeder to make sure you get your money’s worth.

You must remember that not all breeders are the same, some are dog lovers and know how to properly care for the dogs others are just in the dog breeding business to make money and these people don’t care for the dogs the way they should. You need to find a good and honest breeder and steer clear of those people.

The best thing to do to start with is research each breeder, each breed should have a kennel club and they will have a list of breeders they work normally with. If you can’t locate a kennel club it's also possible to find information online. Another thing to do would be by ask friends where they purchased their dogs to see if they are happy with that particular breeder.

If you want to see the dogs beforehand from afar you can also attend dog shows. This will give you a chance to see how the owners treat them and their appearance both in the show and in the kennels where they are kept. This is not the best place to have an in-depth chat with the breeder, as they will be busy with the activities of the show.

You can also go to their home or wherever they breed the dogs. Again, you can see for yourself how the dogs are treated in their current home environment. In turn, the breeder will get to evaluate your potential as an owner. If they do not ask you any questions that should be a warning signal to you. A good breeder will want to make sure their dogs are going to a good home.

A few things you need look out for and see for your self:

* Clean facilities
* Healthy dogs, which should be free of parasites
* Breeders should be friendly and helpful
* Outgoing dogs (timid dogs can signal a problem that may be there for the puppies as well)

You should also ask the breeder the following questions:

* How long have you been breeding dogs?
* What is the dogs’ pedigree?
* Are the parents from this facility?
* Do you have the veterinary certificates for parents and puppies?
* Have they been screened for the health issues inherent to this breed?
* Do you offer any sort of guarantee?

You should expect to receive questions from the breeder as well. Some common ones are:

* Is your house and yard large enough?
* Do you have enough time to care for a dog?
* Have you researched how to care for this breed?
* Will children be around the dog? Have you instructed them how to care for it?

They can refuse to sell you the dog if you don’t meet their answer requirements. You can refuse to buy the dog if they don’t meet your standards as well. If everything looks OK you will sign a sales agreement and purchase the right dog. If you’re still nervous about knowing exactly what to do with this breed you can feel free to ask the breeder any questions you have. They can give you tips and tricks on how to feed, groom, and generally take care of this specific breed. You might not be able to take your puppy home right away, so be prepared for that. The breeder will usually require that the dog be socialized with its siblings for eight weeks. That way they will be used to other dogs. When you’re finally able to take the right dog home the breeder will usually encourage you to keep in touch. That way they can help you out with any questions that pop up along the way. Chances are that they love the dog nearly as much as you do and want to make sure it’s being taken care of properly.

People sometimes think that puppies are all the same on the inside, but in fact, as soon as they get to know there new home, each puppy will be a unique individual ready to react on there own special way to there new environment due to there own unique genetic makeup and the experiences they received in the litter when they where born. So to ensure that your dog grows into a well-behaved and well-adjusted adult you need to keep yourself informed in order to understand how dogs behave.

If you have other pets or young children it's important to find out if the dog is going to get along with them and a very common mistake people make when adopting a dog is by choosing a dog just based on there looks rather than there personality.

You may consider adopting a rescue dog, just because a dog ends up in rescue centre or shelter doesn't mean it's not going to be the right dog for you and unfortunately there are many thousands of homeless dogs waiting for a new owner and a new chance to have a better life.

So which dog is going to be The right dog? Whether it's going to be a purebred, a mixed breed or a rescue dog the choice is yours.

But please don't be like the owners that did not do their homework, didn't research the breed or mix of breeds in the canine, didn't care about the dog's needs or never realized how much work a dog would be and unfortunately just chose the wrong type of dog and only after having a dog, finally realized they didn't want the responsibility. So it's never too much to say, choose the right dog!

The-Dog-Planet's main goal is to bring dogs that have been rescued from horrible environments into loving homes. Providing a rescue center sign up, where dogs from rescue centers all over will come and list the dogs they have available. Truly a wonderful ideal for those dogs in need and providing the rescue centers with more exposure. The more exposure, the more dogs will be placed within the right home and avoid the lethal injection that is unfortunately the number one cause of death in dogs.

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