Dog Breeds

Did you know there's over 400 different dog breeds in the world !

Dogs are different from any other domestic animal because of there extraordinary adaptability in terms of there association with us human beings. Dogs have been arround humans through out history performing many different and important roles, adapting to changes occurring in human society through out the millennia.

Dogs have been man's best friends for very long , in fact for more than 10.000 years, this long term relationship lead to a kind of culture or cult, the pedigree dog cult, in which it's now possible to predict the size, build, colour, coat and even temperament tendencies of a puppy.

The pedigree dog cult is something that has been developed over the last few centuries and the decision in choosing the right dog to share the next 15 years or so of your life isn't easy and the list of breeds to choose from is extremely long.

In order to simplify this endless list, different dog breeds are organized into three sections, alphabetical order, groups and intellectual ranking.

This page is still being built, I will try my best to be as quick as possible.

All Purebreds and Cross Breeds List :

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