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The Dog was created for dog lovers like you and me. Provides free information about all dog breeds supports Dog Adoption, Rescue Centres, Pounds, Shelters and Dog Rescue related Organizations from anywhere in the World.

If you have a dog for adoption (rescue dog) and need to find a new owner as quickly as possible you're in the right place list a dog here. Listing adoptable dogs online will make them available to a larger audience and hopefully dogs will be found by the right owners making both humans and dogs happier. Doing this will help save the lives of dogs that have been rescued from certain circumstances and are now homeless and in-need to find a new home as fast as possible and avoid the lethal injection that is unfortunately the number one cause of death in dogs. Help us support them by promoting homeless doggies online, it's FREE! Sign Up Now!

This website also provides information about the different types of breeds in order to help people choose the right type of dog that is more relevant with their kind of life style and hopefully reduce the amount of dogs that are abandoned, mistreated, neglected etc...

So who would be your most beloved, trustfully and favorite Dog on the Planet?

Adopt a rescue dog now!

Do you own a dog or always wanted to own one? Then this website is most certainly for you, everything there is to know about different dog breeds, advice on how to care for your dog and dog breeding tips will be posted here.

Five Dog Breeding Tips

If breeding dogs is something you are looking into then please follow these short guidelines. Dog Breeding can be tempting if you’re a dog lover, you’ll get to spread your passion for dogs and even earn an income but don't become a "dynamite kennel breeder" (these kennel owners are breeders that put money before anything else by breeding dogs in large amounts deteriorating the health of these animals and competing with licensed breeders that put more effort into their job in breeding dogs with a higher pedigree standard).

So knowing this, before anything else there is a lot to think about before you get started.

1. The first thing you need to realize is that you should only breed dogs that are from the highest pedigree, and the dog you have might not meet these requirements.

2. The second thing is that you will need to learn more about the dog breed you're interested and understand that it's important to make sure dogs have an even temperament and are without any genetic defects, never breed a dog that might have these unfortunate problems. Even if you sense a problem with the uterus you should make sure your pup can cope with the litter and is at least two years old. If not, it’s not a good idea to breed.

3. Third, if your bitch meets all the requirements then you almost have a green light, think about the puppies that will come out of the breeding by planning ahead. It is important to be sure you have enough space for up to 12 puppies and a kennel that can handle the noise level.

It's not easy to be there for the birth of these puppies because labor may take more than 12 hours and besides this you need to be there to clean up after the dogs, wean them, and feed them. Food and other materials can be very expensive also having in mind you will need to pay the veterinary bills as well.

4. Fourth, during the first weeks of care you need to figure out what you’re going to do with the puppies. Whether they are hybrids (mixed breed) or pedigree (purebred) you may want to sell or give them away. pedigree dogs are obviously worth a lot more to prospective buyers than simple mutts.

5. And Fifth, don’t just give the puppies away to anyone that walks into your facilities, make sure they are going to a good home. If you find that they were taken to an undesirable location you might need to get them back in.

If you’ve made up your mind that breeding is what you want to do then you can start looking for a stud dog. If your bitch is pedigree then you want to make sure the stud comes from the same line of background. Examine the female dog’s weaknesses and find a stud that will make up for those weaknesses. For example, one might not have a beautiful coat but you can make up for it with the other one having a presentable coat.

Just remember that money is not everything. Breeding healthy and happy dogs making sure they have a wonderful life is. You can have a very fulfilling time as a dog breeder as long as you follow these five simple steps.

Keep Track of Your Dog with Paw Trax

Who is your best friend ? Do you know anyone that is always happy and always jumping up and down with excitement just for seeing you? Do you know anyone at all that never asks for anything in return and is always in a good mood and has everything to give? Did you know your canine friend would give it,s own life just to save it's owner's life if it had too. A happy dog reflects a happy owner, so be happy, happiness brings joy and harmony in to life.
Your pet wouldn't run away, but what if she did? Don't let your companion become another Lost Dog statistic get a GPS Tracker.

The Dog Planet's main goal is to bring dogs that have been rescued from horrible environments into loving homes. Providing a rescue center sign up, where dogs from rescue centers all over can list dogs they have available for adoption. Truly a wonderful ideal for those dogs in need and providing the rescue centers with more exposure. The more exposure, the more dogs will be placed within the right home and avoid the lethal injection that is unfortunately the number one cause of death in dogs.

All About Dogs And Other Interesting Stuff...
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