About The-Dog-Planet.com Project.

Hello, The-Dog-Planet.com website is a project that was created with the intent of helping dogs and people to be joined together for a happier life. This site is an ongoing project and is being managed and updated regularly.

Mission :

The main goal of this site is to bring dogs that have been rescued from horrible environments into loving homes. Providing a rescue center sign up, where dogs from rescue centers all over can list dogs they have available for adoption.

Truly a wonderful ideal for those dogs in need, providing the rescue centers with more exposure. The more exposures the more dogs will be placed within the right home and avoid the lethal injection that is unfortunately the number one cause of death in dogs.

Disclaimer :

The-dog-planet.com is only a directory of homeless pets and pet adoption organizations. No information in the-dog-planet.com is guaranteed. Neither the authors, nor the publishers shall have liability or responsibility to any person or entity for any loss or damage stemming from reliance on the information provided on this website.

Although efforts have been made to verify the information given in the-dog-planet.com and it is updated frequently, there may be inaccuracies or misunderstandings therefore the information should be used only as a guide and  it is always best to call the facility or organization that lists the pet to insure it is still available and to insure the information listed in the-dog-planet.com is accurate. It is crucial that any pet found through an adoption service be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian immediately upon adoption. Any pets found, adopted through, or listed in the-dog-planet.com are the sole responsibility of the adoption organizations and/or the adopting party.

The-dog-planet.com accepts no responsibility for any liability or for any injury or damages to any person or property caused by any listed animal, as well as any cause of action, claims, suits or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of such injury or damage.

Kindest Regards,

JC Parente,

(founder of the-dog-planet.com)