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All About Dog Breeds, Dog Adoption and Dog Information.

Dog Breeds and Dog Adoption | Find the Right Type of Dog |Information About Dogs and Puppies

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About The Dog

About The Dog Website Page

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The Right Dog

Some types of dogs can be pretty hard and expensive to have. If you're looking for the right dog, you need the right information.

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Adoptable Dogs

Adoptable Dogs

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Goldendoodle dog breed dates back from around the mid 1990s in the USA. They are something of an update on the old Cockapoo crossbreed.

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Residence in St. Charles, MO

This Christmas Adopt a New Friend ! Oz is a Wheaten Terrier Mix that is in need of a good home. He would love to have a family with kids. He was rescued

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The Puggle is a mixed breed created by mating a Pug and a Beagle.

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REAGAN THE HEROIC DOG saves Two kittens that were left on a rural road to die, but the special dog named Reagan came to the rescue.

O CACHORO HEROI CHAMADO RAEGAN salva os dois gatinhos que estavam dentro de um saco a espera da morte.

Mestiça de Rottweiler para Adoção

ESTE NATAL ADOTE NÃO ABANDONE! Mestiça de Rottweiler para Adoção Contacto encontra-se na foto para quem estiver interessado...este Natal adote

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Donna, cadela grande porte, esquelética e queimada...

Donna, cadela grande porte, esquelética e machucada (Zilá) Pobre cadela o que já sofreu. Ela esta em Porto Alegre/Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil. Dona Zila

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Genius dog tucks himself to bed

Jasper the black Labrador has become very popular among dog lovers in the internet world the cheeky pooch walks up to his kennel and by looking at his cosy blanket grabs the edge of it in his mouth, carefully picking the right spot and wrapps it round him like a shawl before casually plonking himself on the mattress and falling asleep.

A Becas ressona e adora dormir juntos aos donos .

Cocker Spaniel Inglês Compreia com um mes de idade , e apeixonei me por ela assim que a vi. biografia: A Becas e dourada , com os olhos castanhos

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Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is originally from Tibet.

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Urgent Death Row Dogs

The Maremma Sheepdog Breed

The Maremma Sheepdog Breed is a vast and noble dog with the head of a bear distinctive future...

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Dogs Can Reliably Detect Cancer , according to German studies.

Did you know that dogs can reliably smell and detect the early stage of lung cancer present in patients lungs, just by sniffing.

This is a big step forward for researchers at Schillerhoehe Hospital in Germany who have been investigating if there where specific volatile organic compounds that are linked to the presence of cancer.

Dogs have proven this for a fact, there are.

This study proves that once again man's best friend is able to help save lives, in this case by sniffing out cancer.

The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear In Your LIFE , by Gary Yourofsky

South East Texas Bulldog Rescue

Hannah - 6 Delilah - 4 Bulldog USA 992 Callaway

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Talking Dog

Urgent PART 2

Brooklyn Center LUCA - ID#A894510 My name is Luca. My ID# is A894510 I am a neutered male, brown and white Pit Bull Terrier and Labrador Retriever. The

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Urgent PART 2

Brooklyn Center My name is LIBERTY. My Animal ID # is A893549. I am a female tan and white am pit bull ter mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 years

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Urgent PART 2

From the album: TO BE DESTROYED WEDNESDAY (27/04/2011) By Urgent PART 2 Manhattan Center My name is BEAR. My Animal ID # is A894497. I am a neutered male

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The Papillon

All about the Papillon

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The Best Dogs

The best dogs in the world.

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14 Defenseless Dogs Discovered in Deplorable Conditions

A man in America from Rogers County will be facing felony animal cruelty charges, after authorities discovered dogs living in deplorable conditions.On Monday, it was a rescue mission afternoon that few could stomach. "You walk up and go huh and then you step back and get your breath to go at again," explained neighbor Ladonna Landrum. In all investigators say they discovered 14 defenseless dogs inside the tiny trailer. They say feces were stacked knee deep and trash was piled high inside. Outside, more than a handful of dogs were also caged while others ran lose. "Their day to day life was absolutely pure hell," said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

Neighbors say Dennis Brooks created the mess, but bailed on the animals and the trashed trailer months ago. "I saw him in and out. Pull in the drive way come for five or ten minutes and then leave. You know and that was it," explained Landrum. However she says the animals here aren't his only victims.She says raw sewage, mice, and other critters became a problem. She feared for her family and the other neighbors' safety. Walton says someone finally had enough and called for help. "Obviously their best days are ahead of them. We got them out of this mess."

Brooks faces felony animal cruelty charges. dogs looked ok but were taken to be examined by a veterinarian in Rogers County. Walton says the dogs looked to be fed, but the problem was living in such terrible conditions.

After getting the all-clear and surgery to be spayed/neutered, the dogs will need foster families and adoptive homes.

Walton says, "Their best days are ahead of them."

Tucker says the immediate need is money for medical care and boarding costs. Adoptive families and foster homes are also needed to re-home these dogs.

The Panda Dog

The Mysterious Panda Dog

This Obscenely cute and somewhat controversial Panda Dog has taken Japan by storm!

Is it a new hybrid species born from a a strange love affair between a panda and a dog? Or a photoshopped image made by a bored person that has nothing better to do?

Oddly enough - it's not so much a mystery as it is a tale of love, passion, rescue, and a big bottle of black (doggie-safe) hair dye....This Maltese-Poodle mix named Columbo is the talk of the town in Tokoyo. His owner, Kensuke Hirakawa, adopted him after Columbo's previous owner abandoned him (reportedly due to his ugly looks...) and had sent him off to die.

Although Columbo was a bit aggressive and barked non-stop at first, Kensuke saw potential in this little droopy-eyed fur ball and took him in and he soon became tame. Poor Columbo had been through a lot and had the marks to prove it - a stiff back leg, tear-stained eyes and all his canine teeth had been removed (to prevent biting). But being a former beautician and pet shop owner, it didn't take long for Kensuke to hatch a crazy little plan for an Extreme Doggie Makeover!

Using completely safe (non-toxic) black hair color for dogs, Kensuke dyed parts of Columbo's white fur in the striking pattern of the panda that most of Asia is so well known for.

And boy did he stand out! Once a mixed breed mongrel tossed aside because of his looks, Columbo is now the most famous and adored dog in the neighborhood (and probably all of Asia), he's also now the poster dog and mascot in a campaign to save the abandoned and abused dogs of Tokoyo. Kensuke only hopes that this will help teach others how to be responsible and love their pets. (I know there's a moral in there somewhere....)Kensuke said that dying Columbo's hair just made sense - he'd always had stains around his eyes. And the good news is that the dye isn't permanent. Since it only lasts about a month, Kensuke can change Columbo on a whim! Who knows....maybe he'll show up as a tiger or leopard next month!

True Loyalty and Friendship

Dog Refuses to leave after the Tsunami and Alerts Japanese Camera Crew to his Injured Friend

Sometimes in life we have to learn from the most unexpected situations , in this case from a dog that refused to leave his injured friend alone after the Tsunami and wait for help , in wich proved to be successful , because both were rescued by the Japanese camera crew.

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True Loyalty and Friendship


Dogs Search for Survivors in Japan Devastation

Canine Heroes go on another mission. This time it's Japan after the big Tsunami devastation.

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